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About me

Name:Mmm Tacos (irl name: Alex)


Pronouns:male, any prns

Orientation:Questioning (maybe gay)

Sign:I don't believe in astrology, but technically im a Saggitarius

Favorite color:Yellow


Hi, im Alex, and i absolutely know what i'm doing. IRL im at "Dinu Lipatti National College of Arts" in Bucharest, and I study percussion instruments, but i'm also interested (as shown by this website) by HTML, and music making (du-uh). Again, i don't really know what i want to do here, but at least i'm having some fun, and maybe will find some friends along the way. Also, updates might be weirdly late at times, because of school.


2/9/22:just went to a concert in biology and physics class. Pretty fun when you're in a music school. Even neater is that all of the singers were school students, so i saw some of my friends on the stage. It's gonna be my turn in a few days, so wish me luck.